Smart Excel HR Templates For Managing People and Teams in Small Busineses

StaffTRAK HR Database and Dashboard
Manage Employee Data with This Downloadable, Excel HR Database/Dashboard.

StaffTRAK HR Database and Dashboard is a downloadable HR database excel template. If you have a small business of up to 50 employees, you can use this smart Excel template, loaded with time saving macros and formulas, to manage staff information and report on HR Key Performance Indicators. It will give you an up-to-date view of your employee performance, attendance levels, average tenure and many other KPIs. Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.

StaffTRAK ATS (Recruiting)
Manage Your Next Hiring Campaign Easily with This Downloadable, Applicant Tracking, Smart Excel Template. This downloadable Excel-Based Applicant tracking system is a great tool, enabling small business to track and manage their hiring process. The tool allows you to track applicants through 6 stages of the hiring process, and will produce interview schedule reports and will create an auto-updating digital dashboard, illustrating KPIs like: source of hire, cost per hire, time to hire, and rejection reasons, providing an ongoing health-check of your hiring process. ull documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.

StaffTRAK Holiday and Absence
Manage Your Staff's Holiday and Leave Easily with This Downloadable, Holiday & Absence Management, Smart Excel System.

StaffTRAK Holiday and Absence is a downloadable holiday and leave tracking excel template. It is easy to use and you can start managing holidays and leave in no-time. It allows you to track 7 different types of leave and provides summary reporting so you always know your staff's leave allowances. Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.


StaffTRAK Rota
Manage Your Next Staff Rota Efficiently and Easily with This Downloadable, Staff Rota, Smart Excel Template.

This download-ready Smart Excel Staff Rota will suit a smaller company of perhaps 20 or less employees who might not need software. It contains macros and time-saving features and it’s easy to use, visually attractive and much more affordable than a subscription software based alternative. It’s perfect to use in a restaurant, pub, club or the workplace and will enable uou to manage your staff rotas more efficiently. It calculates pay and allows you to specify working location. Start managing shifts in no-time. Click for more detail.


StaffTRAK Perform
Manage and Maximize Your Staff Performance throughout the employee life-cycle with this small business focused Performance Management kit.

If you have employees then this performance management kit will enable you to set goals and review performance against those goals on a quarterly or monthly basis. Continuous feedback rather than annual reviews is now considered to be the gold standard in performance management. It also includes a specific form to manage new hires through their probationary period, along with a bonus scheme to help reward employees who meet and exceed goals, further driving performance. Click for more detail.


StaffTRAK Time
Manage Your Staff's Hours and Pay with This Downloadable, Smart Excel Timesheet Template. This downloadable excel-based time sheet tool will enable you as a busy manager to effectively track your staff hours. It comes in weekly, biweekly and monthly format.

All you have to do is email this template to your consultants or employees and have them send it back to you before payment deadline. It calculates earnings and encourages workers to itemize their invoice based on client and billable vs non-billable work. Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.


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