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I am the Director of thecareercafe.co.uk; thecareercafe.co.uk is a resource for start-ups and small business. It includes a blog containing career advice, small business advice articles, HR software reviews, and contains great resources such as HR Productivity Apps. You can also find some of my writing on recruiter.com and Time Magazine


I am the author of: Will The Future Workplace Still Need You?, An Essential Career Survival Guide for the Imminent Future

This book talks about the fact that the today's workplace is about to go through massive change, on a scale we have not seen before, as robots start to replace human workers at an unprecedented pace.

Many jobs are at risk of being replaced by a robot, but, to be sure you should read this book, which pulls together some of the latest research and thinking into this topic. By the end of this book you will know just how at risk your job is of being replaced by a robot. You will know if the future workplace will still need you, or if you're in a career dead-end.


HR Apps

I have developed a suite of excel-based HR productivity apps for microbusinesses, which includes a HR database, a recruitment system and rota software.

HR Consulting

I am a practising HR consulant working with several start-ups on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis in the London and M4 area, and am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or CIPD.

Kind Regards,

Kazim Ladimeji MCIPD. Director of Thecareercafe.co.uk



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